My Story

I absolutely LOVE Scentsy! I had never heard of it when I attended my first party in 2009.  I fell in LOVE with their products! They had so many adorable warmers and wonderful scents. I had my own Scentsy party in March 2010. I was expecting it to be a failure like most home parties that I attempt and I was afraid I wouldn't even make it to the $150 to get any hostess benefits. Boy was I WRONG!  I had over $500 in party sales! I got so much for free and even more 1/2 price! It was a huge eye opener when I only paid $34 for over $170 in product!! So now, fast forward another year and I had my friends and family asking if I was going to have another party because they needed more scents. I thought if they’re telling me to have a party why don’t I sign up and THEY can have a party? I can help THEM get the same amazing rewards that I received almost a year ago! It was a hard decision and I stressed with my husband about it. He encouraged me to “pull the trigger” and purchase my kit. I haven’t looked back since! I love Scentsy products and feel like this is my “fit”. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing the amazing product Scentsy offers to them. I love seeing party hosts get so excited when they realize how much stuff they can get for free! I still remember how surprised and excited I was!